Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thunderstorms and trees

We've all known the comfort that shade brings on a hot summer day. Personally I appreciate the large pines surrounding our property. They provide shade in the summer and protect from winter drafts during the coldest months. But, I'm always scared one of these will fall on our home during a storm. They are probably almost 40' tall of varying diameters. A tree from my property is shown below (middle right).

Today there was quite a lightening storm and one strike seemed fairly close, although the blinds were drawn, I saw the flick of lightening, the cable went out momentarily and the thunder started immediately. About an hour later, when the storm was over, I let my pup out. I was quite suprised when I saw one of our neighbors trees had gone down. For all that it looks like, it seems that there was minimal damage.

Thank goodness nobody was hurt.


  1. Trees are great - but you do worry. I've had a tree fall on my garage.

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  2. I live amongst some really big old cedars and I worry every time there is a storm.
    The weather can real wreak havoc can't it.

  3. Where I live, we had had in the last 20 years more and more storms. World is changing!