Friday, June 11, 2010

Common Mullein

Just found out the "lamb's ear" I've been letting grow is a Verbascum thapsus (Common Mullein) plant. Not really knowing what a lamb's ear was, I kept thinking I had one growing at the edge of my flower garden.  And, literally, it was growing at the edge of my flower garden, essentially just inside the flower garden at the front of my house. And, since it wasn't hurting anything, I let it grow. I see the first hints of yellow, as it is preparing to bloom, and I'm excited.

When I was little, these plants would grow in and around the pastures where we kept our cows. The cows wouldn't touch them, and so they would grow tall and proud. When I found this one, I just thought back to those memories. My husband thinks it looks horrible. But then again, he thinks cottage gardens look messy and overgrown, and I think they look gorgeous. This may be a little out of place, but I'm kind of into letting things be if they aren't hurting anything. He grew up in the suburbs, and I grew up on a dirt road with wild phlox, tiger lilies, Queen Anne's lace and mayapple plants growing abundantly at the side of the road.

What I am most excited about, are the medicinal uses I've learned about since looking into this plant. The sites I've been looking at suggest it is a good for lung ailments, infections, and headaches among others. Next time I have a mild asthma attack, I think I might make myself a little tea, sit back and evaluate the outcome.

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