Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of Red Yesterdays

I grew up on property with a barn, and many of my neighbors had barns on their property as well. There is nothing quite so iconic to rural American life than a barn and a silo. I miss the days of fields and farms for miles on end. The town I grew up in is much different these days, as is much of the surrounding area. I am sharing this red barn in memory of days past as a part of Rednesday over at It's A Very Cherry World.


  1. What a wonderful Red memory. Thanks so much for sharing with us. It's just beautiful and simple.

  2. Oh I love old barns.
    We have a lot of them in Oregon.

    Thanks for coming by to visit.
    I'm off to see more of your palce here.


    barbara jean

  3. Hi! It's nice to meet another Michigander!!

    I love old barns too. I just hate to see when people tear them down!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing ,The red barn & silo pic is beautiful!