Friday, July 2, 2010

Pasta Salad

My brother and his wife will be renting a cottage in Michigan over the next week, and my parents, two sisters, their spouses and kids, and me and my husband will all be converging to spend time with them. It is on an all sports lake, so they've rented a jet ski and boat as well. I'm pretty excited and have been busy preparing food to take out there tomorrow. The grape leaves were the start a couple days ago, today I made a cream cheese, sour cream, habanero,  and spring onion spread that will be put on tortillas, a pasta salad, a red velvet cake with blueberries on top. Next, I preparing a potato salad and a self-designed garbanzo/avacado/tomato salad. I'll leave a cucumber salad, hummus, and tzadziki for tomorrow.

In honor of Foodie Friday and Vegetarian Foodie Fridays, here's a picture of the pasta salad (the dressing is homemade). This time I put zucchini and summer squash in the salad, which is unusual, but I'm sure it will be good. One of the things I do that is a little different is that I like to put poppy seeds on my pasta salad because it seems to add visual interest.


  1. This sounds delicious! A perfect summer dish. Can't wait to try it!

  2. This looks so delicious. All of the fresh vegetables! I just am seeing my first zucchini. I love pasta salad. Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I am so craving that right now (and it's 10:30 at night!) Something about fresh summer zucchinis, pasta and herbs that scream summer eating to me. Thanks for linking!