Saturday, July 10, 2010

Camera Rebirth - Part II

Earlier this month, I wrote about pending (FREE) repairs to my Canon A75 camera in a blog post. I am happy to say, I received the camera back yesterday. As my camera died photos got progressively worse and worse. They went from clear and crisp to halfway clear, this picture shows how the problem started.
Then things got worse as shown here:

Then even worse:
Following this, the LCD Sensor finally died for good and there was only blackness. As I mentioned before, I loved the camera. So I was very excited to get it back. The following are a couple of pictures I took in my backyard today after the camera came back from Canon following repair.

What a difference, no? (I wish that were my yard, but it's not. It is a school yard. I took the picture because that darker clouded area to the right of the picture was giving off a lot of thunder but the sun was shining brightly where I was. I thought that Charlie Brown must be sitting somewhere under that cloud, melancholy as ever.)


  1. The school yard picture is stunning! I too wish that ere my backyard.

  2. Its good to see that your Canon is back to giving you good results.

    Thank you for your comment at Country Captures. Its been nearly 10 years since mom passed but her memories still remain fresh.