Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camera Rebirth

Years ago I got a Canon Powershot A75, and I LOVED it. It took most of the pictures I wanted it to take, even doing a halfway decent job at close-ups. But toward August of 2008, the display started to intermittently become problematic, showing lines across the digital display, eventually making things look like they were melting, and then not displaying anything (or taking pictures).

I called our local camera shop and found out that it would be more than $100 to fix. Since a new basic digital camera is hardly more than that price, I felt the best thing would be to buy a new camera, which we finally did last August. We purchased a Nikon CoolPix L20 to take on our honeymoon. It was great for that purpose and took lovely pictures of the scenery and of us. However, I've never been happy with it in my day to day life because I like to take pictures of animals, flora, fauna... With the Nikon I get a ton of blurry shots before I get a clear one.

I was bemoaning my situation the other day, and thought I would take another shot at figuring out whether the Canon was salvageable. While on the Canon website today, I found that there was a special notice with respect to the CCD image sensors in the Canon model I bought. Canon is replacing these sensors regardless of the warranty status of the camera, and is paying for shipping. This type of customer service is unheard of now-a-days. (Sometime let me tell you about my unsuccessful dialogue regarding a Sharp Microwave that quit working after one year. It runs, but won't heat anything probably because of a faulty magnetron , and I got no help from the folks at Sharp.) I will be giving Canon more of my business based on their courteous and responsible manner when faulty parts are involved. And, the ONE contact I had to make (not 5-6) to get resolution.

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