Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Farewell my bleeding heart...

This is an Outdoor Wednesday post to join in over at A Southern Daydreamer's blog.

In the spring, I bought a bleeding heart plant with no flowers on it. I planted it and diligently cared for it through the summer knowing that next year, the beauty would be unleashed. The plant was gorgeous, light green leaves, which bordered on almost yellow. It was the perfect foil during early summer to the purple clematis or the baby blue eyes (as shown below) growing nearby.

Yesterday morning, while letting my dog out, I noticed that it no longer existed. And although I nurtured it with hopes for next year's glory, it is naught to be. Some hungry bunny or deer has brought the plant's life cycle to an abrupt end, and left a divot in my garden. Look how lush it was. Can you imagine what next year was to hold?

So farewell. Farewell my bleeding heart. 


  1. Still hope! It still might come back next year. Mine dies back everyyear and always come back looking great.

  2. Wow...The leaves look so nice and green! Hopefully it will come back with great blossoms!

  3. How sad! I would be very mad too. I have problems with squirrels eating my fruits, and this I don't know what to do about either.

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  4. I also hope it does come back next spring. We have deer that eat everything I plant. I've tried everything to keep them away but nothing has worked.