Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It is now nearly Christmastime and my Etsy addiction grows - although my purchases remain at one as of yet. But, I can spend hours dreaming. I also am still considering arranging a store to sell illustrations and maybe photos? In the meantime, I've asked for some really good acid-free paper for Christmas (cotton rather than wood pulp base). Good supplies always make the act of creation more desirable, and I haven't been so good at feeding my artistic side lately. Part of that artistic starvation comes with long hours at work and never ending housework. I'll tell you that sufficient storage would make ALL the difference (but that should come someday when we finish the build-out of the basement, get rid of a window in the kitchen so we have a place for the refrigerator and some cabinetry, and build-out the attic including a ton of under-eave built-ins.).

The photos I would place in an Etsy store would be varied, but honeymoon pictures would have to go in there. Some of those pictures from Italy are just gorgeous. I got about 10 of the photos printed off in the 8" X 10" size about a week ago and couldn't wait to get them framed. On Sunday, I bought two 11" X 14" picture frames with 8" X 10" mats. Once I put the pictures in them, I was shell-shocked by the look. They are extraordinarily beautiful. (On a side note, I don't think you can take a bad picture of Venice's canals.)

Anyway, above I mentioned that my Etsy addiction grows. I have found some new favorites in the illustration/prints genre. They include:

Amariah Rousch

John Clark

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