Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am addicted to I could spend hours surfing through the site. Actually, I am not kidding anybody; I HAVE spent whole weekends doing just that! I have multiple favorite sellers but have only made one purchase so far. For my recent wedding, the bridesmaids' gifts were bought from Rachael Sudlow Jewelry.

I only had two bridesmaids, and they were my darling sisters. During the winter of 2008/2009, I had stumbled across Rachael's "three peas in a pod" necklaces. I immediately knew that they would be a part of the gifts that my sisters got. (I decided it would be necessary to buy myself one as well.) Just because I found them adorable, didn't mean that my sisters would though... but, I was certainly hoping.

At the rehearsal dinner in August, I pulled out the gifts. (I also got them batik robes - each with a different color scheme and print.) They loved the necklaces and decided that they were going to wear them at the wedding... even though they didn't quite match. There is a special simplicity in the meaning that was not lost on anyone who noticed the necklaces.

One of our close friends fell in love with the necklace too because she and her significant other call their baby "sweet pea." Unbeknown to her, he is very interested in purchasing one of these necklaces for her as a special gift. What do you think of my necklace below - is it not just too cute?

I keep thinking that I need to get myself into gear and create enough items so that I can open a store. I think I would primarily do pencil drawings, but I have some other items up my sleeve as well.


  1. My wife love Etsy also. Sometimes to much :-)

  2. aw that's for the sweet review! I love love love doing bridal jewelry & pieces that have such meaning for everyone. congrats!
    -rachael sudlow